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Awesome daycare! Our two huskies love being able to be outside and play all day. They come home tired and happy.

Lindsey E. Sturdivant

January 4 at 2:14pm

Love Rover's! Homer can't wait to go off with Joel every time he visits. The groomers are top notch and the staff is caring and loving to my pup. And sometimes he's hard to love.

Angela Pawlikowski

December 2, 2016

Best daycare ever. My high-energy lab comes home exhausted every time. This is a daycare for dogs who love being outside!

Angie Christine

October 5, 2016

I feel I don't need to say much. Lily says it all...If the Name Rover's Resort is even mentioned Lily is sitting at my car door. I picked her up today at closing time 6pm, arrived home 15mins later. Passed out..

Michelle Krabbe

September 13, 2016

I was a bit nervous at first and so was Pearl but I totally trust them with my girl. She had fun and they kept her busy. A tired pup is a good pup. Thank you so much and Pearly will be back for more good times!

Toons Parker

April 19, 2016

Excellent place to take your Furbabies. Excellent staff. Well run place! Dozer and Cyrus love going to Rovers Resort!

Mary Stodola

August 25, 2015

Our dogs come home tired and happy! Joel keeps the dogs entertained all day.

Kevin M. Galoff

August 5, 2015

Peyton had a great first day! He is super tired and can't wait to come back!

Michael Watters

June 9, 2015

Today was our girls 1st visit, but by the look of it she will be having regular visits & boarding in the very near future!

Dawn Allison

January 20, 2015

Rover's Resort & all their staff are awesome! Thanks to them for taking great care of my 3 hounds. I know they are a handful. My boys are all happy & tired out after their 7 day stay!

Mindy Moore Howell

August 23, 2014

My dog LOVES this place...I have to drag him outta there sometimes. Great staff. Clean facility. Highly recommend.

Dawn Van Camp

August 3, 2014

Thank you so much for the love you gave to blackjack , he is a happy and tired pup and glad to see him back in shape thank you for all you guys did for him we might have to come see his friends soon.

Raquel Brown

July 26, 2014

Sugar always has a great time and is very well taken care of!

Aubrey Baker

March 10, 2014

My dog LOVES Rovers! Great people.

Jenny Grable Winninghoff

February 19, 2014

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