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Our Food Products

Fromm and Fromm Family

Fromm food comes in a variety of flavors and sizes including but not limited to, 4, 12, 26, and 30 pound bags of chicken, salmon, lamb, duck, and many more options your furry friend will love!

American Natural Premium (ANP)

American Natural Premium food comes in three different sizes including 4, 12, and 30 pound bags. They have specific recipes targeted for puppies, dogs with sensitive stomachs, grain free formulas, and much more so you can find the perfect food that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

Other products...

Mount Ara

Mount Ara is a safe and healthy option for all dogs. This brand of full spectrum CBD products will help your dog relax and 

Freezer Bones

Rovers has a variety of freezer bones for purchase in the front office. Availability and prices vary, Talk to an associate for more details!



Get it before its gone...

Cani Bits

Cycle Dog Collars

Cycle Dog Collars are lightweight, no stink, and waterproof so your pet can still wear it while they play in the water! They also feature a pop top bottle opener on the collar as well as a separate hook for ID tags.

Assorted dental chews and bones

Pet Odor Air Freshener and Candles

We will no longer carry these products after they are sold but feel free to visit there websites as these brands are recommended by our employees. 

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