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Where We Are Located:

W5730 Woodland Road  Menasha, WI 

Hours of Operation

          Monday- Friday 

Drop off/Pick Up     7:00am- 9:00am 

               Pick up      3:30pm- 5:30pm


  Drop off/Pick up       8:00am-9:00am             

      Pick up        4:00pm-5:00 pm


(boarding only)

   Pick-up          3:00pm-4:00pm

Half day (Weekdays Only)

Drop Off           7:00-9:00am

   Pick Up           11:30am - 12pm


*Office will be staffed during above listed hours for other 

services such a retail purchases and phone calls*


    *Our staff is with your dogs during business hours. For the safety of your dog(s), please be respectful of our above listed office hours. *

    *Drop off is during morning hours only. Holiday hours may vary.*

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